Badohi,indo-nepal carpet factory

During the recent ten years or so only the wars hindered me to visit each section of the Silk Way. Afghanistan, Iraq, a big part of the Caucasus, or the republics of Central Asia are "a bit" hot sites also for me.
In November 2003 the Rose Revolution won in Tbilisi and already in May 2004 I went to the Georgian Caucasus to find carpets. During my last trip, on 18th October 2005 the minister of education of Kashmir was shot to death, I landed in Srinagar on 19th October. Only the airport was surrounded by triple military ring.
Just before my arrival to Kashan - one of the most famous historical centres of silk carpets in Iran - there was cholera epidemics but I did not miss the place.
Visits to the big carpet collections all over the world (London, New York, St. Petersburg, Istanbul) were "only" cultural trips, compared to the above mentioned trips.


Short videos:

- Kum, silk carpet making I.
- Kum, silk carpet making II.
- Nain, wool carpet making
- Teheran, carpet bazar
- Bhadohi, carpet washing
- Bhadohi, Indo-Nepal carpet making
- Kashmir, silk carpet making I
- Kashmir, silk carpet making II
Kashmir, silk carpet making on countries
- Srinagar, old city, wholesale of carpets
- Srinagar, restoration of carpets
- Chinese silk carpet making I
- Chinese silk carpet making II